4 nouveautés dans la collection cuisine vintage

4 new products in Vintage Cuisine collection

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Vintage Cuisine offers 4 new products! In addition to the basic versions in two colors (cream and mint), the brand completes the assortment of two colors: black and red.

We listen to our customers, which is why we are constantly developing our retro range.

We want fans of Vintage Cuisine products to have a wide choice - not only of products, but also of colours.

New products offered by Vintage Cuisine!

Traditional retro kettle with a whistle

The long-awaited item from the Vintage Cuisine collection: the kettle with whistle for the traditional preparation of drinks. Until now sold only in the electric version, that is why we are delighted to present this product designed for all types of stove tops: glass ceramic, induction, gas, halogen and electric.

Made of stainless steel (304), with a double bottom ensuring even and rapid heating. Thanks to the loud whistle, we will certainly not forget to prepare the intended drink.




- 2.4L capacity
- designed for all types of stove tops: induction, gas, glass ceramic and halogen cookers
- stainless steel (304)
- double-thick bottom ensures even and rapid heating


Retro kitchen container for dry goods

In the kitchen, order is important, but it requires the right means to maintain it. For example, a stainless steel kitchen container will help us separate dry goods. It allows us to store, among other things: rice, pasta, salt, sugar, coffee or tea. Not only will we avoid clutter in the cupboards, but we will give the kitchen worktops a bit of character, in a color consistent with the rest of the Vintage Cuisine brand products.


- A free-standing container, ideal for storing food items on the counter
- Made of carbon steel (safe for contact with food)
- Capacity: about 1.5 L
- Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.5 x 18 cm (LxWxH)


6 Piece Retro Pot Set in Stainless Steel


This classic pot set is perfect for preparing soups and creams, simmering meat, cooking vegetables or for more complex dishes. The universal set will allow you to prepare lunch for the whole family or dinner for the guests. The pots are designed for all types of stovetops: glass ceramic, induction, gas, halogen and electric.



- the set is 6 pieces (3 pots and 3 lids)
- pots with a capacity of: 5L (Ø 24 cm), 3L (Ø 20 cm), 2L (Ø 16 cm)
- made of the highest quality 304 (18/8) stainless steel
- clear glass lids with vent
- comfortable handles and a stainless steel knob (flat)
- handy measuring lines inside the pots
- resistant to corrosion, mechanical damage and high temperatures
- designed for all types of stovetops: glass ceramic, induction, gas, halogen and electric
- fast heating thanks to thick double bottom
- weight (with lid): 5L (3 kg), 3L (2.2 kg), 2L (1.6 kg)


Set of 7 kitchen knives with stand

Vintage Cuisine offers you small appliances and accessories, but what would a kitchen be without something as obvious as kitchen knives? Set of 7 knives that can accomplish any culinary task. Blades made of high quality stainless steel ensure easy and precise cutting. Equipped with a complete chuck, they allow easy maneuverability during cutting and processing. A set for every chef in the home kitchen.

Comes with an elegant spaghetti-type holder.



- 7 knives: 8" chef's knife, 7" Santoku knife, 8" bread knife, (8" and 6") two universal cutting knives, 5.5" serrated universal kitchen knife
- made of durable, hardened stainless steel
- high quality full tang blades
- ergonomic handles
- in a set with a practical stand with a “spaghetti” filling



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